In the 11th episode of Badlcukwind, Nidal Taha invites the man behind Ensemble Economique,Brian Pyle. Under EE project Brian Pyle released lots of magical music on notable labels assuch; Not Not Fun, Shelter Press, and Denovali Records.



Dark Wave, Shoegaze

Futuro Antico, Aho-Aho

Lena Platonos, Cyaniris (Κυάρινις)

Ghédalia Tazartè, Alléluiá

NSRD, Plava (Meadow)

Exek, Submitted

Spivak, Enough Throwbacks

Carla Dal Forno, We Shouldn’t Have To Wait

NSRD, Kādā Rītā (One Morning)

Ilitch, La Visite Au Musée

XTC, Complicated Game

Lena Platonos, Bloody Shadows From a Distance

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