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B13 w/ Stian Balducci & Kjetil Jerve

Stian Balducci & Kjetil Jerve provides and eclectic experimental set including various beat and ambient-based pieces from a bit all over the place. Several old and a few new favourites blended with stuff from our new album TOKYO TAPES: PIANO RECYCLE. Kjetil played his piano into Stian’s mixing setup, all done live in our Oslo studio.



Experimental, Electronic, World

Biosphere & Maâlem Mohamed Kouyou Boiler Room Marrakech Live

Topdown Dialectic – A1 (Tailings, 2013)

Overmono – iii’s Front (Whities, 2018)

Ryoji Ikeda – Test Pattern #0010 (Raster-Noton, 2008)

Jon Hassell, Brian Eno – Ba-Benzélé (E.G. Records, 1980)

Ø – Scene 1 (Sähkö Recordings, 2018)

Stian Balducci, Kjetil Jerve – 4.2 GON (Dugnad rec, 2021)

Stian Balducci, Kjetil Jerve – 4.3 DRO (Dugnad rec, 2021)

Stian Balducci, Kjetil Jerve – 4.4 SV607 (Dugnad rec, 2021)

Autechre – Dropp (Warp, 1999)

OAKE – Paysage depayse (Stroboscopic Artefacts, 2016)

Maalem Mahmoud Guinia & James Holden – Bania (Border Community 2015)

Kenji Kawai – Making of Cyborg  (RCA, 1995)

Audun Kleive & Jan Bang – Azmari Woman (Gråtone, 2017)

Smerz – Believer (XL Recordings, 2021)

Stian Balducci, Kjetil Jerve – 1.1 KNU (Dugnad rec, 2021)

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