Like all musicians, Somniac One is a product of her environment. She has lived in seven different countries and was able to experience a wide range of underground scenes. This resulted in a natural ability to weave diverse cultural influences into a coherent musical narrative. This shines through in both her productions and DJ sets, which effortlessly combine techno, IDM and hardcore with a proven sensibility for servicing any and all dance floors, including yours. Invited as a guest by B13.



Industrial, Techno, Rave

Aphex Twin – Isopropanol

Slam – Electrical

WNDRLST – You’re Dreaming Into Something

Perc – Dumpster (EAS Remix)

New Frames & Buried Secrets – Desert Drug Rampage

Scalameriya – Crucible

Perc – Destroyed By Jazz

Johannes Heil – Paranoid Dancer

BT Express – A New Face

Yan Cook – Order

Trust True – Body Move

Draugr – Escaped

Magnetic – Your Pain

NN – Future Is An Illusion

Roll Dann – When The Hate Goes Away

D. Dan – Switchblade (Descendant)

Seven Tension – Escape

Dr. Fernando – Stomach Substance

The Outside Agency – Apart

Dahryl – Recovery (Ghost In The Machine Remix)

Mall Grab – Take Down Enemies

Heathered Pearls feat. Newborn Jr – Ultra Blue (Somniac One Remix)

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