B13 is a DIY Project created by a group of friends who are addicted to music, art and rave, aiming to build true electronic music scene in their home town. This monthly podcast is delivered by KHLD aka Khaled Weshahy (B13 crew).



Drone, Noise, Broken Beats

Trentemøller – Trnt

Positive Centre – Blank Hand

ZULI – Kollu l-Joloud (ft. MSYLMA)

Antechamber – Arch of Hysteria

Carl Gari & Abdullah Miniawy – Zyaj

Diasiva – Vapor construct

Diasiva – Meson

DiNT – Skewer (ANFS Remix)

Elements of Joy – PI08.1

Lycurgus – 831.16

Moscow – Maqam

A.A.Logic – If You Can’t Do It Good, Do It Hard

ZULI – Akhtuboot (ft. Abyusif)

ZULI – Trigger Finger

NARA – Ipse Dixit

NARA – Saliva

ZULI – 3ankaboot

E-Saggila – One Last Midnight ft. Oil Thief

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