The second show on Ma3azef Radio is delivered by DJ/Producer Hesham Yassin. Oscillating between tense atmospherics, uncompromising levels of distortion and dark industrial techno. This mix was recorded live at B13|03 – A/V session, you can check the full Audio/Visual performance on B13 account.



Industrial, Techno, Drone, Experimental

Antechamber – Descension (Two)

Rommek – Break The Tension

Rowka – Source (Hybrid Vigour remix)

Exploited Body – Dysphoria

NN – Deception

Prophän – Silent & Under The Boot (ANFS Remix)

Ancient Methods & Tommy Four Seven – XIX

JASSASS – Parallel Universes

Kontain – Your Job Is To Make Art (Kander Remix)

Angel Karel – No Holds Barred

Tymon – Woodsman

Timothy Alexander – No Longer Stand

KONTAIN – Americana (Swarm Intelligence Remix)

Codex Empire – Tribenode

KRTM – Man With Knife

Perc – Snare

MORSURE – Form Ranks

CTSD – Forbidden Intervals (Tess remix)

Antechamber – Descension (Two)

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