B13 on the 10th episode invites Dijit – world-renowned music producer and visual artist from Cairo, Egypt – expert in experimental electronics and trip-hop, delivering 60 mins of unexpected combinations of sounds, electronics & broadcasts. His performances are not about making ‘delightful’ or ‘conventional’ music nor do they make much sense at times. Rather, his music provides people with noise that ultimately reflect the underlying intricacies of the community we live in. Needless to say, he lives on copious amounts of caffeine and has very little sleep. He has produced music under numerous titles and features a number of both popular and budding artists like Aly Talibab (spoken word), Abuyusif (rapper), Mohammed Adel (composer and guitarist) AC Ghazy, As Dee (singer and spoken word artist) and Lella Fadda (vocals). His latest LP titled ‘Hyperattention – Selected Dijital Works Vol. 1’ has been described as “perfectly low-lit and charged charged with a slow, nocturnal energy” that has been “keyed for contemplative times”.



Electronic, Experimental

Ahmed Fouad Negm – Ya Felstenia

Hurricane Suite – Shippu kumikyoku

Abdo Daghir – Improv.

Abd al Kafy – Al Shaab Al Almani

Ahmed Adawya – Mawal

Tricky – Tricky Kid

Haifa Wahba – Agoul Ahwak

Dijit ft. Lil Asaf – Akrak Agam

Julee Cruise – The Nightngale

Headache tip

Abd El Salam – Mezmar

Desiigner – Panda

Alison Bekker Goal

Dijit Ft. AC Ghazy – Makhada

Khaled Hammad –  Elly Bally Balak

Dijit ft. El Laithy – Rahet

Dijit – Natfo (Tapes Remix)

Shaaban AbdelRehim – Mabakhafsh

Dijit – Tweet

Yasser Al Sharqawi – Ya Khaleel

Najat Al Sagheera – Baasha Al Bahr

Brodinski & Modulaw – Netherworld

Mohamed Fouad – Menno ya Laylai

Dijit – Hell is so lovely

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