B13 invite 00970 – on its 12 show on Ma3azef Radio. Ali I. H. Taqi, aka 00970, a Palestinian music producer, sound designer, art director and founder of Bela Malame7 art/sound project. His recording is a selection of his own tracks and also others, crafting a 60 mins trip in sounds of ambiences, experimental, drone, and cinematic sounds fused with techno. With majority of tracks 00970 creates music by using sampled material, field recordings topped with industrial textures. 00970 has released several albums/EP’s including Red Light EP on the Italian record label Insane Industry, Under The Ground LP, and khatam Suliman LP on Palestinian label called Meditranos.



Experimental, Electronic, Alternative

00970 – Khatam Suliman {Mediteranos}

00970 feat. Smoked Poets – Khatam Sulaiman – {Mediteranos}

00970 – Then You DIE! – {Astral Noise}

kl – UNtitled 04

kl – UNtitled 01

00970 – Zero Hour ساعة الصفر – {self release}

00970 – Sout Sraakh Syaa7 صوت صراخ صياح

Avon Terror Corps x Exist Festival  – Resist To Exist قاوم لِوجودك

00970 – Under the Ground {Mediteranos}

Liliane Chlela – Safala – 02 Charr

assifeh – datura

Jerusalem In My Heart – Qalaq 9

Jerusalem In My Heart –  Abyad Barraq

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