Second round of our resident airshow Cold Waves across the Mediterranean is curated by Italian, London-based artists M!R!M who selected one hour of sounds that influenced hos work in general, from indie pop to library music, italo and soul.



Synthpop, Electronic, Indie Pop, Italo

Franco Micalizzi – Sadness Theme

Guido & Maurizio De Angelis – Driving All Around

CSI – Unità Di Produzione

The Field Mice – Letting Go

Cleaners From Venus – Corridor Of Dreams

The Wake – Talk About The Past

Kino – Спокойная ночь

Loredana Bertè – Stella Di Carta

The Style Council – You’re The Best Thing

Alexander O’Neal – A Broken Heart Can Mend

Electronic – Getting Away With It

Righeira – Gli Parlerò Di Te

M!R!M – Testament

Anne Clark – Sleeper In Metropolis

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