Atrice consists of Lino Schilling and Pablo Chacon-Pino, two sound designers and artists based in Basel and Zurich. Their musical works are inspired by encounters of the every day, the digital sensory overload and share influences from acousmatic and electroacoustic music. As part of the MIRAS collective they curate events for contemporary club music and build their platform to support young and upcoming artists. Atrice stop at Ma3azef monthly for two hours of sonic textures, organic transitions and floating states. Every month with new guests.



Experimental, Bass, Club

Ssaliva – Panel

Noria Lilt – FEEB (Atrice Remix) [forthcoming Strecke Records]

MM – Timbo’s March

Gipsyian – Traveleres Wood

Ivy Lab – Husk

Amor Satyr – Delight #2

Dæmon, Modulaw, Xzavier Stone – Big Business

Deft – Bellyboy (Extended Instrumental)

Katatonic Silentio – On The Edge Of Unthought State

Tsuruda – Yacht Haven Grande

Leon Vynehall – Dumbo

SBTRKT – Wildfire (Objekt Remix)

Tyson – OI MANA (Remix GHETTO)

LCY – Slutty Siri

Atrice – Invertebrate [forthcoming Ozelot]

K Wata – Your Attitude Not Mine

Lithe & Local Support – Satisfy

Katatonic Silentio – F.A.X. (Walton Remix)

Noria Lilt – ATATM [forthcoming  Strecke Records]

Jacques Greene – Understand (DJ Lostboi Remix)

Art Crime – Darkness Is The Light That Slips Away From You

Low Gravity – Eclittica

Konduku – Sonsuz Rüzgar

Superpuma – Bazill      [unreleased]

Tsuruda –         Show Off

Happa – Digital Recall

Parco Palaz – Metal Parce [forthcoming]

Sim – Big Mac

yokai kai – Thru da mud

Amazondotcom – A Flower, Nocturnal and Permanent

Nicholas G. Padilla – The Last Vanguards

Lokane –          Levels

Air Max ’97 – Ice Bridge

Rhyw – Spoiler

Skee Mask – Breathing Method

Nick Leon / Bitter Babe – SMS_229-305

Hypho x Xakra – Stellar Transit ft. Finnoh

BAKEY – Cheeky Dubplate

Ziyiz – Ziyiziyiziyiziyiz

Gábor Lázár –   Source

Bolam – Forgot My Brain (LWS Remix)

FOR. – Transparent Flags

Slikback – Laika

Nemerov – AD06 (SOUPIRE rework)

Atrice – ????? [forthcoming Nostro Hood System]

Basic House –  Sweater Shop

Fiesta Soundsystem – Incantation I

DJ Fulltono – Roganman

Sozorie –          Doubler

Atrice – Haumea [forthcoming Hektar]

Arev Imer – Agitation (binaural mix) [unreleased]

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