Atrice consists of Lino Schilling and Pablo Chacon-Pino, two sound designers and artists based in Basel and Zurich. Their musical works are inspired by encounters of the every day, the digital sensory overload and share influences from acousmatic and electroacoustic music. As part of the MIRAS collective they curate events for contemporary club music and build their platform to support young and upcoming artists. Atrice stop at Ma3azef monthly for two hours of sonic textures, organic transitions and floating states. Every month with new guests.



Experimental, Bass, Club

yab; yvanko – Aube

Kindohm – superimposition


3320eco – SNAKE

Tinkah – Closing Chapters

Request Lorraine – A Lost Signal Is Transmitting Across Time and Memory

+1 – Task

THUGWIDOW – The Voices Beneath The Earth

Andrea – Wired

Kessler – Glick Glock

Nick León – Rompediscoteka (Henzo remix)

20kPa – Procedure

Batu – Melts Into Air

Bakey – Bring It Back


Simo Cell – FARTS


Glass – Quantic Blunt

Emily Glass – Q-Pid

Galtier – Crystalised Larva

Atrice – H.ftm [forthcoming Nostro Hood System]

Sweepa – Ketel (TMSV remix)

Atrice & Shalt – ? [unreleased]

Karen Nyame & KG UNIIQU3 – B2B

Cleveland – Golem

Sputnik One – Love From Above

Cosha TG – Call My Phone (Xzavier Stone Bootleg)

WWWINGS & Endgame – LAVA

Simo Cell – Whispers

Air Max ’97 – Eat The Rich

TSVI – Compos Mentis (feat. Seven Orbits)

Paz Shina – Adjustments

Prettybwoy – Mikoshi

Lady Leshurr – Freak

Berg-Jäar – Flaqui

Dites Safran – Cilco

Guber – Efficitur Quam Laoreet

eye measure – White Wine

Atrice – Sine Scraper [forthcoming Nostro Hood System]

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