Atrice consists of Lino Schilling and Pablo Chacon-Pino, two sound designers and artists based in Basel and Zurich. Their musical works are inspired by encounters of the every day, the digital sensory overload and share influences from acousmatic and electroacoustic music. As part of the MIRAS collective they curate events for contemporary club music and build their platform to support young and upcoming artists. Atrice stop at Ma3azef monthly for two hours of sonic textures, organic transitions and floating states. Every month with new guests.



Experimental, Bass and Club

Untold – Tear Up The Club

Tsuruda – Devil Man

Epoch – Push Back

Nicola Cruz – Geomembrana

E-Talking – Hi-Res

Seph – Geomancer

Klahrk – Send it!!

Capiuz – Prey_mantis_eating_cicada_alive (Lithe Remix)

Nick Leon – Rompediscoteka (Henzo Remix)

Hiss – Inquisition

DJ SWISHA & DIYR – 10M – Energy7 – Techno Twitter

El Alfa El Jefe – UZI (Siu Mata Edit)

Amor Satyr – Atola

Woture – Bang Ski

FAKETHIAS – 161 Reasons to smile more

Yazzus – Delta Wave

DJ YumYum – Insolent Soundbwoi

TRAX HAVEN – Renegade Master (Tee Baghead Mix)

Subp Yao – Backwitda (Yoofee Remix)

Addison Groove & DJ Die – Dr Know

Audeon – Turn Up

Deft & Lewis James – Octo

PAV4N – ALL ON BLACK (Fixate’s 98 Spesh Dub)

Modulaw – Anonymous

ILL_K – Persecution

Icicle – Dreadnaught

Klippee – High Ping

Fiesta Soundsystem – theclappers

Mathis Ruffing – Simulacrum

Sewerslvt – Mr. Kill Myself

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