The second edition of Waverider, featuring some old & new Minimal Wave, Cold Wave, Post-Punk & EBM hits.



Dance, Electronic, Post-Punk

Medio Mutante – Another Land

Twice A Man – Decay

Diseno Corbusier – Golpe De Amistad

Front 242 – U-Men

Innergaze (Aurora Halal & Jason Letkiewicz) – Mutual Dreaming

Jeff & Jane Hudson – Mystery Chant

Daniele Ciullini – Marbles In The Garden

Soft Metals – Voices

Padded Cell – Word Of Mouth

Hard Corps – Lucky Charm (Medora Road Version)

Techniques Berlin – Love Via Computer

Dark Day – Flightless Birds

Martial Canterel – Foreign Birthplace

The Glaxo Babies – This Is Your Life

Flux Information Sciences – World Class Fuck

Arvid Tuba – The Seasons Are Sitting On Chairs

Ministry – Same Old Madness (Video Version)

The Fall – Repetition

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