Decided to go with an Art Punk mix for my last show of the year, thought it would be right to say goodbye to 2020 with the same Art Punk ethos, that big fuck you attitude but with a touch of optimism and hope for what’s to come, always.



Art Punk, Avant-Pop, Punk

See No Evil Tracklist:

The Yummy Fur – Department

Gang of Four – To Hell With Poverty

The Intelligence – (They Found Me On The Back Of) The Galaxy

The Fall – Lost In Music

Cinema Cinema – Cyclops

Landline – Big Gulp

Television – See No Evil

Pere Ubu – Non-Alignment Pact

Wire – Ex Lion Tamer

Luge – Skin So Green

X-Ray Spex – Oh Bondage Up Yours!

Brainiac – V1NC3NT COM3 ON DOWN

Uranium Club – Who Made The Man

Magazine – Shot By Both Sides

Landline – Landline

Alice Donut – Where Is My Mind

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