On this episode of ANBA’s monthly show on ma3azef.live, the Cairo/London label invites Soulfeeder’s Pam Sofa & Miss Jay for an hour of VIP SOULFEEDER artists & affiliates.



New Club

Miss Jay – 0:00 – 32:22

Modulaw & Xzavier Stone – TRY/MAKE ME

Imaabs – Grafito

Le Dom – AVC Sound System

Aluphobia – Grindin

Miss Jay – High Dub

L-Vis 1990 – Ballad 4D (Georgia Girls/ Sheen Edit)

ABOsahar – My Life

Jam City – How We Relate to the Body

Blackstarr – Thumbs Down (Down The Hill Remix)

Stasya feat. Alada – Tributo

Missy Elliott – Get Ur Freak On (Refilled Bootleg)

GRRL – Hit Em

Exploited Body – Brace Position

Estoc – Bird Flood (Soulja Boy x Suda)

Amnesia Scanner – AS Truth

Pam Sofa – 32:22 – end

KhalilH2OP – Sectioned

Loom – Heavy Glow

Lil Uzi Vert – Secure The Bag

Oli XL – Mimetic

Cralias – Life After Death

Nazar – End Of Guerrilla

House of Suns – Wane

Miruky – In S3lf

J Sliwa – Body Mind Progress

Loyalty XIX ft DJ Heroin – Cerate

Buga – Visions Of One Truth

Shygirl – BB

Anima – H0me

Wilhelmina – Cyberpuss

Lexxi – Red Eyez

migu – Play With You

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