The monthly show of Beirut Ma3azef editor Ammar



Electronic, Noise, Experimental

Zebra Katz – INTRO TO LESS

Zebra Katz, S Ruston – MONITOR

Deli Girls, Leech – loaded gun

Squarepusher – Terminal Slam

Against All Logic – Alarm

Against All Logic – Deeeeeeefers

Show Me the Body, Moor Mother – Everything Hate (here)

Show Me the Body, Yo Chill, Chip Skylark – Cyba Slam fif world dance party (Uppa echelon dance remix)

Show Me the Body – Trash

Prolpals – Sewer Cock

Bonnie Baxter – Wanna Fuc

Show Me the Body, Denzel Curry, Eartheater, Moor Mother – In A Grave

Sega Bodega – Nivea

Prolaps – Overrealmed

Prolaps – Fight [or Flight] Song

Bonnie Baxter – Phantom Body

KABLAM – Crisis

Zebra Katz – ZAD DRUMZ

d8 – training session 1

ize – This Is Not a Drill

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