Na5a the new face of the Serbian wave, shares the show of Serbian resident, AM Hi.



Club, Dubstep, Techno, Balkan

Kali Uchis – la luna enamorada

Hyph11E – Barnacles

Hanne Lippard – Modern Spanking Bolero

Oh matse! (earthdance mix)

Bonebrokk- iO chant

FAACIL2000 – Propulsion

Overmono – Clipper (Another 5 Years)

Scratcha DVA x Gage- PIFFD

Martyn & Om Unit – Shapes

ZULI – Kiwi Meld

Otik – Seasonal Fx

Peter van Hoesen – l9t

Nazar – Clan (Slikback Remix)

Ice Eyes – Exopan

Hyph11E – Knots

Emma DJ- More is More Euphoric

Death Qualia – Bright Black

Paszka – Szczupak

Lila Tirando a Violeta – Nuevo Paris Piano

Nova Cheq – Stay Fly

ABADIR – Reconstruction 1

MC HOLOCAUST  Playa Misery x Lil HollowPoint – Anna 4 Tha World [1996] (PROD. APOC KRYSIS)

Martyn x Om Unit – Passenger

Gecin,Dj Suzmo – 3 Rivières

Hodge – The World Is New Again (Kush Jones Remix)

Penelope’s Fiance – Futile Endeavours

Megan Thee Stallion – Captain Hook

Otik-Been Here
Forest Drive West-Curved Path

Significant Other- Delphic

Milf Magnet-Teargas

Kuthi Jin- Crawl (Le dom Remix)

Maquis Son Siste m-Tamborn Co r

Hmurd-Shepard’s delight

De Grandi- My Volvo My Rules(-555 mix)

Basic Rhythm- Too Nuff

main(void)- Microdot

Minor Science- Balconies

Laksa-Sen on One

Overmono- Iii’s front

Hamilton Scalpel- Uprated Nite Zone

CYPHR- Nautilus


Eartheater- Prodigal Self

Sharter- Hyph11E

Mosca-The Optics

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