Alley Catss is a musician and an artist. He runs Daddypower records which has been putting out many of our favorite releases for the past few years, Alley Catss graces us through two hours with a glimpse into their sonic realms.



Ambient, Experimental, Mind Electornic

Toru Takemitsu – Ki

Human Flesh – First Soundtrack

DDAA – St. Adolf’s Comet

Help I Accidentaly Build A Shelf – 2.15

/f – ?

mango object – ideation challenge

City Dragon – homeric cheeses 7

Lord Lloigor – CENTRE

Lord Lloigor – HIHAT

Yumi Murata – Summer Time Girl

Lull – Untitled (Moments 39)

lulu – oononm_01

Encoder – Assembler I

Gil Melle – Mindscape

Ana Jikia – rose leaf drown in rice milk

Arad Acid – Torqued Light

Black Ocean – Hard Feeling (M.E.S.H. Promiis Mix)

Zachary Waltman – Money (I’ll Be Rich)

Blue Stork – there are pigeons in the school garden

Blue Stork – silence

. – slat

Victor Nubla – Andújar

dj bookworms – product configuration

yma – Actual Water

0comeups – With Light You Lead Me

Celer – Apathy Has Its Own Momentum

Viktor Udvari – Bárcsak

Headlock – Steam

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