A sonic space where genres can forget about their differences and play along.



Electronic, Spoken Word, Psychedelia

Porest — The Porest Trap (edit)

Silver Apples — Program

Tobacco — Hawker Boat

Nelly — Kan Feeh Faraasha

Juana Molina — Los Hongos De Marosa

Damon — Don’t You Feel Me

Zia — Helelyos

Taraf De Haïdouks — Absinth I Drink You, Absinth I Eat You

Tom Waits — Rain Dogs

Meredian Brothers — Idilio

Tamer Abu Ghazaleh — Matha 3an Al Nas (Shout)

Danny Brown — Ain’t It Funny

Kevin Ayers — Song for Insane Times

Captain Beefheart — Bat Chain Puller

Charles Manson — Home Is Where You’re Happy

Kain — Ain’t It Fine

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