Kaleidophone is a free-form hour of music where anything goes. A sonic space where genres can forget about their differences and play along, where drastic changes in mood are possible. This episode is a musical companion to finding (or losing) one’s self out in nature. Adham Zidan is a musician, recordist, mixer and producer based in Cairo.



Experimental, Tropicalia, Bwiti, Khmer

Sun Ra — Call For All Demons

Love — The Red Telephone

Papé Nziengui — Ngondê

H.P. Lovecraft — Mobius Trip

Serge Gainsbourg — Ah! Melody

Jorge Ben — Errare Humanun Est

Pen Ran — Rhythm of the Lam Leow Highlanders

Pharaoh Sanders — Astral Traveling

Herbert von Karajan & the Berlin Philharmonic — Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun (Excerpt)

King Crimson — I Talk To The Wind

The Incredible String Band — Waltz Of The New Moon

Eyvind Kang — Chirality

Spacemen 3 — Feel So Good

Tonto’s Expanding Head Band — Tama

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