Achieh (Beatcraft Records) discovers the limits of industrial music, and presents what he calls industrial trap, a sound that expands the scope of the industrial.



Techno, Industrial

Tom of England Sniffin’ at the Griffin – Sex Monk Blues

HLM38 – Exit Illicite Cong

 Rezzett – Tarang Rezzett

Nigh/T\mare Persistence of Vision – Vassago

t_error 404 – Sea Of Existence

 Sissel Wincent Aura Symptoms Assorted Lights

Dis Fig – U Said U Were PURGE

Lila Tirando a Violeta – Hell’s Tempo Sentient

 Prequel Tapes – Curse Go Back! On The Run EP

 Varg & Coucou Chloe – I Get Lit (Cause If Not I Think Of You) Evanescence (A Love Letter

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