Invisible Land Radio 2.0.4 – something beautiful masks a painful process in the Vieux Carré • alone stood the undefeated champion of the desert; a book of small experiments offering her slender support • opposite the horizon, in the plane of the sky, acadjmia & Morten HD march along, your counselors in war (Cover art by @zlikwid_art) 

Los Angeles


Storytelling, Electronic, Soundtrack

Maurice Ravel – Introduction et allegro pour harpe, flûte, clarinette et quatuor à cordes 

George Gershwin – The Man I Love. Slow and in singing style

Erykah Badu – On & On (acapella)

Frank Zappa – Dance Contest 

Petar Dundov – Around One

Formation Boyz – dlala amaBenuBenu

Wiwek – HOTPOT

Neana on the Trak – Runway Diva

MC Renan e MC LK – Chupa Chupa (ASTYTEKK remix)

Jon Hassell – Caracas Night September 11, 1975

Mach-Hommy – The 26th Letter

The Chemical Brothers – Giant

SLUGGERS – Horizon 

AGF, various – Domna Samiou 1928-2012

Noer The Boy – Fissure

McIntosh County Shouters – Sign of the Judgement 

Sixtoo – Part 1

Black Panther Kids – Power To The People, Free Our People

Cassius – Arcadine 

Afefe Iku – Mirror Dance

Crooked Man – Preset

Amon Tobin – Get Your Snack On 

Whitney Houston – Fine (acapella)

Eddie Tour – Up The Glitter (re-edit)

Justin Bennett – Untitled (4)

Jack Wildon Quartet, Roy Ayers – Love Theme from “The Sandpiper” (The Shadow Of Your Smile) – Part 1

Oliver Sain – On The Hill

2Pac – Hell For A Hustler (acapella)

Morten HD – Excavating Past Derangements

Morten HD – The Terror Of True Combat Archaeology

Morten HD – Deep Down in the Radiation Caves

Morten HD – The Juche Terraforming Operation Has Failed

Morten HD – Hull Breach

Morten HD – We’re All Them Now/We Just Keep Going

Morten HD – In it for (Life/Lost Opportunities) (Remix)

Morten HD – Røde Skyer Over Himmelen (Remix)

Morten HD – Dead Gods and Glazing Worlds (Remix)

Morten HD – Estetisk Kollaps (Remix)

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