Invisible Land Radio 9.3.0 – Innocent voices abound in the Vieux Carré, dormant but resilient • acadjmia and Diessa find themselves on the only open road, no destination in mind.

Los Angeles


Experimental, Electronic, Soundtrack

acadjmia – first we warm up

Yuanlin Chen – Rite

Frans de Waard – Vlag

Gordon Monahan – Excerpt From Speaker Swinging (Live)

33EMYBW – Medical Fodder

Cliff Martinez – Thus Speak Thack The Wise

Wolfgang Tillmans – EEEEEEEhh

Add N To (X) – Incinerator No. 1

Lead Belly – Nobody In This World Is Better Than Us

Ma Rainey – Deep Moaning Blues (take two)

Surly JBW – Tears

Kelvin T – 🙁

Balanescu Quartet – Mountain Call

Soulwax, EMS Synthi 100 – Movement 6

Lighght – There Are Parts Of My Soul I Don’t Dare Speak

Lighght – And The Snow Decided To Stop Falling And Instead Rise For We Were Not Deserving

Kohinoorgasm – Waiting For You

Dos Attack – Flue

Otay-onii – Child No. 22

Jan & Lorraine – Number 33

Azuresun – N°33 (t.o.t.i.d.o mix)

Kauf – Through The Yard (Clara-Nova remix)

Dark Souls 2 OST – Majula

Diablo 2 OST Rogue Encampment

Jacques Pepin

Eartheater – Below The Clavicle

Saqartvelo – საქართველო

Firelake – Dirge for Planet

Dark Souls OST – Knight Artorias

Desire Marea – You Think I’m Horny

Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire OST – Oceanic Museum

Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire OST – Verdanturf Town

Songs: Ohia – Farewell Transmission

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