Invisible Land Radio 9.6.4 – It’s muggy in the dojo as two concepts collide • acadjmia & Cagey Oil Driller overlap and interplay as they shed the gravity of their past, a trail of a thousand regrets • Cover Art by vodka (Yohan Ashley Chavez)

Los Angeles


Storytelling, Electronic, Soundtrack

Alan Hovhaness – And God Created Great Whales

Desert Dwellers – Lotus Garden Spaces 

Hat Quan ho singers – Em la con gai Bac Ninh (I am the girl from Bac Ninh)

Eat Static – Panspermia 

Nick León – Creation Story

Kazuya Matsumoto – Moe Moe Moeru Ame Furu Furu

Durán Vázquez – Alarm, Anxiety, Eagerness 

Claire Guerin & Eamon Ivri – Crow Silk

Clark – Lambent Rag 

Christopher Logue – Great Men In The Morning

Luc Ferrari – Promenade symphonique dans un paysage musical ou un jour de fete 1976 [part 2]

Tony Schwartz – Children (Ring Games, Jump Rope, Bounce Ball, Clapping…)

Co La – Baby’s Breath

Durán Vázquez – Pictures From The Atlantic City of Vigo

Christina Kubisch – Night Flgihts

Rafa Maya – Seca

Amazondotcom – youknowhowwedu

Aaron Ximm – Chai In The City of Light

Ivy Lab – Gutted

Anihma, Doc.AtmosfearCrush – Bloodmoon

Tony Schwartz – Landlord Comment

Tourdion – Pierre Attaignant (performed live by Splntrd Wood)

Jonathan Zorn – Conversation Piece

jormunghast – Pyramid Exterior

Elder Michaux – Happy I Am

Acid Pauli – Ayam

Freddie Gibbs & Danny Brown – Get High (acapella)

The Prodigy – 3 Kilos

Augustus Pablo – East of the River Nile


Moody Good – Mtgfyt

Mun Sing – A War In Heaven 

Bleep Bloop – Characters Who Smoke

Brodinski, Nazar – Raxa

John Nichols III – Nothing That Breathes 

Moody Good – Docbond

Catslash – Fuk!



Sucré Saleté – Bass The Police

Iceboy Violet – functioning on the low (leo remix)

Mike Jones – Still Tippin’ (Oli x n-OTA remix)

Flux Pavilion – Bass Cannon (Alfred English Deconstruction)

Vince Staples – Ramon Park Legend Pt. 2

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