Invisible Land Radio 6.5.5 | acadjmia & Bad Elephant are caught somewhere between Life and Death, forced to make spirals out of squares, if by nothing but natural light. Cover art by Your Counselor in War.

Los Angeles


Experimental, Storytelling, Dance, Sound Design

Anna Xambó – Poème Symphonique For Tape Metronome Variation I

Israel Martinez – Mi Vida

Celetial Trax – Aura Cleansing

Angelo Badalamenti – L’Anniversaire D’irvin

Muqata’a – Mish Aktar

Oneohtrix Point Never – Memory Vague

Toshinori Kondo – First Light

ON – I

Botanica – ATM/Rumore/Rumore II

Four Limbs Six Hands – Trepid Abundance (feat. Bridge)

Ushka x Atropolis – MTA Hustle

Cruel Diagonals – Topography Of An Affliction

Beta Librae – Octagon

Lawrence English – Patagonia

Slauson Malone feat. Medhane – Ttrabul

Henri Pousseur – Liège à paris part 9

Domenique Dumont – Henri’s Dream

Robert Normandeau – Le Cap de la Tourmente

Lutto Lente – First Partition

Jaeho Hwang – Daebook

Christina Kubisch – Ocigam Trazom

S.Maharba – Memorial 

Mono/Poly – Ra Rise

Klein – We Almost There

Alice Coltrane – Turlya Ramarkrishna 

Lanark Artefax – ferthenheap 

iku – Body horror

Kelsey Lu – dreams

ot to, not to – Little one

Kelsey Lu – I’m not in love

cucina povera – anarkian luvajainen 

Brian Eno – Lux (Nicolás Jaar remix)

eartheater – Humyn hymn 

Lafawandah – you at the end

Lucrecia Dalt – Esotro 

Nicolás Jaar – Cenizas/Vanish 

Lucrecia Dalt – Disuelta 

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