Invisible Land Radio 5.5.7 – As They Duel • Two stars surrounded by unusual matter; short-lived, no prophet • in the valley of darkness, sound shivers from beneath the sand; beyond the pale blue sky, acadjmia and Baben Shin sing songs of protest and collapse.

Los Angeles


Experimental, Storytelling, Club, Hip-Hop

acadjmia – Get The Two-Box Ready

acadjmia – Golf Balls at Night

POORGRRRL – Errrrrrrrrrrrrror

Color Plus – Tension Banter

neana on the trak – chillax

kelman duran – CITY TERRACE

Marc Behrens – Avalanches, Water and Stone

Hanna Hartman – Message From The Lighthouse

Ronce – Voids

Cares – There Weren’t

Woomera – Nackara Gangalook (Cave Echo)

Richard Horowitz – Queen of Saba

Don Zilla – Full Moon

E-Talking – Hi-Res

DJ – Soundbwoy Rudebwoy (Denham Audio remix)

DJ Drobitussin – Still Tippin (Chopped and Screwed remix)

Flowdan – The Red Pill (Slikback remix)

Laughing Ears – Buona Fortuna

Reddo, Brodinski – Can’t Stop

Hiroshi Yoshimura – Blink


Yogetsu Akasaka – Kanzeon (Enmei Jikku Kannon gyo)

Baby Kasem Haliti Bradford – Key

Ava – Return to Shore

Lil B – I’m God

Lia Clark, Heavy Baile – Q.M.T.

Tomassa del Real – Perra del Futuro 

MC Tha – Avisa La

Teriyaki Boyz – Tokyo Drift

Robb Bank$ – 430 Kuban Doll

Fredo – They Ain’t 100

Yantan Ministry – History Hum

Drake – 6 God (John Object remix)

Bungalovv – Urutau 

F1tness, Daemon, Sadjah – Dae1r

Konx-Om-Panx, Skee Mask – Rez

Lafawndah, Ami Yerewolo – Oasis

Dida – Lintje 

DripReport – Skechers

Cookiee Kawaii – Vibe (If I back it up)

Leo Justi, Heavy Baile – Larga o Aco

Bby Eco – When Matter Starts to Move

Baben Shin – Hymn 001

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