For this month’s episode ABADIR invites Jessika Khazrik for an hour takeover. Scavenging sounds from online and on-site detritus, citizen media, and militarised ads and technologies, Jessika Khazrik’s sonic scapes intimately investigate the techno-political premises of the military economies we inhabit or forget. This is a quaint one, mixing music I have been wanting to coalesce into one place since some time: from Zar to Cyber Trance, Rai, Zagharid, Metal, Syriac choirs, Serbian folk, Georgian polyphonic singing, Techno, Trance, ML and unclassified music.



Cyber Trance, Syriac Chant, Techno

Marina Omelchenko & Organs Ghazaryan – Sireci Yars Taran

Suicide Commando – Death Lies Waiting (SITD remix)

Zoo Holubowska & Julia Giertz – Community of Grieving (Part I)

Orphan Fairytale – Princesse Peignoir & Prince Pyjama

Kosmos Colas – Ecstasy (emotion)

?????? – Lobotomise

Cheb Djalal – Ana Ighrib v1

Keygen Church – Becureg axpallef furde. Cegab ufqua radurrac

?????? – أجمل زلاغيط

Haw – Destlebwo

Mazaher – rekousha

Ghedalia Tazartes – An amour si grand qu’il nie son objet

???????? – ???????? : (

Jessika Khazrik – Only Distance Has a Name x Artificial Intelligence Is Work

Brioni Faith – Be Here Now

E-saggila – Tilt

Jessika Khazrik – Impeding Voices & Bells

Stasya – Grief (Ode to all Puella Magis)

Alkaloid – Chaos Theory and Practice

Kosmos Collabs – 1body1soul

Futuro Antico –  Ao Ao

Ka Baird – Ebuza

APaul – Melodrama (Original mix)

Dj Arne L II Mirko Milano – Astral

Cheyra – Shafted

Lastrack –  Belsunce Battle Breakdown

Jaclyn Kendall – Gowanus Canal

1NC1n – Trebso

Stranger People – Strange Attraction

Nazar – Clan(Slikback Remix)

Perc – E Mono

Jessika Khazrik – Kushajam’s Recital

Nkisi – Parched Lips

Jessika Khazrik – Trem

Radmila Dimic – Ko t pokida sa grela derdane

Kosmos Collabs – 1body1soul

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