ma3azef’s ABADIR invites Jake Muir for a takeover for this month’s show with a selection of some of the music he’s been enjoying lately, most of which is recent. 



Ambient, Downtempo

Bill Converse – Seen

Folder – Micro directory

Vainio & Vigroux – Mémoire


pent – organ fluid – glue

Biosphere – Les Fleurs du Mal

zK – AJ4b Saggitarian Amity dub

Antimatter – Rostrum

Georgia – Window 6

David Shea/DJ Grazhoppa – Dramarama

mu tate – New Way To Cope

Nueen – V444V

TIBSLC – Unreleased (Forthcoming Sferic)

NAP – Nebulina

Zurich – Balem Daz

exael – Reality’s Sweetheart (with Zoe Darsee) (Moon Pie Mix)

Fumitake Tamura & Dakim – 表 7

Deadline Paranoia – Summer of 87

Christina Vantzou – Wild beast research

Aloïs Yang – MLMC At Punctum (Studio Take 2)

Arcane Device – Before Sunrise

Experimental Audio Research – The Calm Before

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