With Kaer‘Uiks’s fifth anniversary casting its shadow ahead, KRX-474-MX celebrates the untamed creativity of the label`s artists and their multifaceted output by looking back and indulging on a catalog of more than 30 extraordinary releases, smuggling in certain first precursors from upcoming releases and shaping it all into a two-hour-long hike across arcadian to inhospitable terrain until arriving at the question ‘Where to next?’. We`ll see when we get there.



Electronica, IDM, Experimental

Michael Valentine West – within a violent room

Nuanae – As We Go

Abadir – DECON$

Michael Valentine West – VII

XZICD – contubo

William Fields – To Those Who Wait

Mtch – Haptic

Abadir – Cy2+NH4+@TN

Flint Kids – Interference

Fugenn & The White Elephants – 06

Nuanae – Is Randomness Deterministic

exm|mitoma – 00-0/I(I)

Fausto Mercier – Angry People Click More

Aevin – Logic Gate

Vortex Count – Decrease Gradually

Valance Drakes + Qebo – An Unexpected Combination

rand weiss – osc-sine_sd2

Yaporigami – Fourth Sound Extinguisher

Polyconaire – Poly.angular

Grischa Lichtenberger — 0717_12_lv1_rnd 1 155 137bm_b_rearg ms

Yoshitaka Hikawa – DNL (Robert Lippok Machinegunpogo Remix)

Wirewound – Discharger -0000-+

Myoptik – funkatronix 999

JFrank – Hikikomori

Nesso – Laminar Flow

Michael Valentine West – all because of you

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