We are Genot Centre, music community and cassette label based in Prague. This mix encompasses one track from ever release we have ever done. At the time of writing, this means 46 tracks. Some of the tracks have been strongly post-processed.



Electronic, Ambient, Experimental

Ice_eyes – Khoros

Aghnie – Envy


Fausto Mercier – Firmest Fine

House In The Woods – Paralysis

Abadir – VI

woopheadclrms – Weather Channel

adammmmmmmmmm – wingdingzsymbol


QOW – Dawafer

21st century wolf – nineteens

amselysen – rhinestone cowboy

German Army – Interact with none

Corporation – Aphex Twin at Coachella

Terribilis – Move in Silence

Mor Air – Two Years

No Species – Euglossine

I Am just a pupil – Perle

Aethereal Arthropod – Dispnoi

My Cruelty – Everything Changes

MB03 – Famous Star (Jackie)

Bryce Helm – Come

Aires – Feedback, Ruinas

Lee Chapman – Chikhai Bardo 1

Lisaj – CaesarB3

Forces – Pattern Definitions

Bonie Jash – Shirase

Ecto Mist – A2 8 Version 3

r.hunter – intonamour

jano doe – stanky

Iku – some temporal patterns other than the forward march

AF85 – DRI

Percival Pembroke – Microsoft flight simulator 4.0

Cass. – Friends on the staircase

Luna & Tarkovski

Enchanted Lands-All Silver and Shadows and Visions of Things Not Seen

Lee Chapman FVAB2

Izanasz – Spectral Cascades – 01 Tapestries

Percival Pembroke – Peartree Micro

Lisaj Skalyr

Wrong Dials – Hello

ten hyphen twenty – hospitality industry

Dane Law – r.bit7.5

Eilien – Dawned

Tereshkova – by a cliff

Laura Luna Castillo – Nebulae

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