A bass heavy, multi-genre set with music by local and international artists.



Bass, Dub, Jungle, Ambient

I Jahbar/ Ashrar- Intro

Babe Roots, Wayne, Galas- It A Come- Acapella

Aho Ssan- Simulacrum 2

Tod Daraku- Baal

Softmatter- Levity

DivPro- Leaking

Ziur- Gravity’s Gravity, Clout is Clout

Lee Gamble- Hyperpassive

Abadir- IV

Sleeper- Burn Finger Dub

B e n n- Impulser

Flowdan- The Red Pill X Jammz (Slikback remix)

Tapefeed- Plain view (Cocktail Party Effect Remix)

Postdrone- Dawsha FM (feat. PostTawheed)

1127- NFPA 3

Ashrar- Unreleased

Sully- 5ives

ZULI- Tany

Tinkah- Still Care

Katatonic Silentio- Prisoner Of The Self (Stenny Remix)

Postdrone- Mahragan El Arp

Space Afrika- Girl Scout Cookies (ft. Bianca scout)

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