A sojourn into the Vieux Carré, a not-so-fictional realm where story and sound dance the night away, 2 hours of Experimental Storytelling by acadjmia. acadjmia is a Music Producer focusing on experimental storytelling and world-building through sound design. He is a co-founder of New Work City Records: The People’s Avant-Garde. Based in Los Angeles, CA.

Los Angeles


Experimental, Storytelling, Soundtrack

Edward Artemiev – Meditation

Balanescu Quartet – Empty Space Dance 

Agnes Obel – Fuel to Fire (David Lynch remix)

James Joyce – Eolian Episode

Glass Knot – Present Tense 2

Saint Abdullah – Children At War

Bastien Keb – Doodlebag

Soulwax, EMS Synthi 100 – Movement 4

Jan Garbarek, The Hilliard Ensemble, Pérotin – Beata viscera

David Shire – Theme From ‘The Conversation’

Louis Dufort – Materio_*

Donato Dozzy – AA Side

Arcarsenal – Substance of Arjuna

Philip Glass, Uakti – Aguas de Amazonia: Negro River

Duval Timothy – Whatsapp 

Alvin Curran – Trans dada express extraordinary renderings

Duke Ellington – Hey, Buddy Bolden, Pt. 2

acadjmia – Does This Look Suspicious?

Perturbator, Highway Superstar – Femme Fatale

Otik – Theia 

Bungalovv – dragon embryo

Amstel Quartet, Guillermo Lago – Ciudades: Sarajevo

Lubos Fiser – The Magic Yard

Kareem Lofty – Fr3sh

Martin Tétreault, Kid Koala – The DJ Factory Turn Crazy

Zia – Helel Yos

Kutiman – Terra Australis 

Tsar Poloz – That’s My Job

Pamela Z, After Echo – Perpetual/Pop Titles ‘You’

Natasha Barrett – Kernel Expansion, Pt. 2

Moondog – See The Mighty Tree

DJ Haram, Moor Mother – Cosmic Slop

alva noto, Anne-James Chaton – SONNET

Quasimoto, Madlib – Tomorrow Never Knows

Eskmo – Moving Glowstream (Amon Tobin remix)

Julia Holter – 2HB (orig. Ferry)

R Vincenzo – Onna No Yujyo (1934 edit)

Moondog – High On a Rocky Ledge

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