A collection of ambient jams, remixes, and unreleased pieces from Yaseen & friends, as well as old digs and new favorites. Layered with granularized field recordings from the day of Yaseen’s return to Cairo.



Ambient, Field Recording, Electronic

Yaseen – field recordings

Halim El Dabh – Element, Being, And Primeval

Yaseen – ******** (demo)

Cellar Door – zaghzaghny*azaghzaghak

Haider Vanek (BugpeeOOO) – Desert b4 Dinner X Lara Sarkissian – Life After (Installation Score)

FRKTL – Haruspex

Saint Abdullah A Dialgue Between Wind and Tin X Zuli – 1286-(always) – remember

Burqa Boyz – BBEATZ x Cartoon Therapy – On My Vibe (no drums mix)

Postdrone – Float

Cartoon Therapy x Sportinglife (go)[stretched demo mix]

Yaseen – the sound of my computer overheating

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