Mortada ElSada is a music enthusiast & designer from Cairo/Egypt, currently working with 200 Shams on forming a record label. The mix that is presented is an exploration of anything that is pop-informed with an individual blend of different ideas, ranging from the extremely mainstream to some more experimental moments from Nancy Ajram to Zuli …. you need to listen with a chilled out mentality to bridge the gaps.



Electronic, Pop, Trap

Al Nather – Saba7 El Kheir

Nancy Ajram – Sheikh El Shabab

Faudel – Baida

Makimakkuk – Suhbae

Haykal – Katakeet (Bananas Remix)

200 Shams ft. Khaled Khaleefa – 3ada 3ada

Hany Shnoda Ferqet El Masreen – Mashya El Sanyoora

Hamid El Shaeri – Hena

Carthago – Hanen

200 Shams – Fatma Yamaha

Faudel – Anti

Abyusif – Amal

Muqata’a – Simya

ZULI – Prayer

Makimakkuk – Jazirat Al Kanz

200 Shams – El Tahalol El Batee2

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