Special show marking the launch of the audio imprint 1800 Volt and its inaugural live show in Cairo Jazz on the 20th of July, featuring some of the artists that are going to appear on it and other members of the expanding 1800 Volt family, in addition to tracks that we really love.



Pop, Electronic, 1800 Volt

Besh – Cabrioleh

200 Shams feat. Besh – 7aga Momken Te7sal

Darb – Beg

El Waili – El 3alem Allah (fea. Djiza) [Remix]

Besh feat. 200 Shams – Bnakol Samak

NGM – Zarbia


200 Shams – Bos 3al 7araka Di

Mortada – Untitled

Djiza – 7aret El 3ez

Ugi – Balef Belad

Darb – 10.1

fuzzylittlebrain – Airport Please

Hassan Abou Alam – Elevate

ZULI – Penicillin Duck

Onsy – Cutoff V3


200 Shams – Hmmm

Al Nather – Shei2 Wa7ed

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