Badreya Electroneya taking over 200 Shams’ show this month: I’ve compiled a mix of etheric sounds I usually play whilst meditating, Rap, post industrial hybrid of heavy-bass club music and advanced sound design.



Dance, Electronic

He’s Hearing Voices – Zuli

Quboor Mamila – Muqata’a

Domestic Abuse – Insin

Large Fly – Thoom

Shayef Nafsak Bardo shayfa nafsi – rania kurdi (remixed by yours truly)

Shay’an fa Shay’an – Muqata’a

Thabat – Lil Asaf

Tremor – Insin

Malakii – Lil Asaf

Hout – Rozzma

Athgal – Damm – Lil Asaf

Dawa – Insin, Lil Asaf

Emara – TaffyRaps, Abuyussif

Bilharf Alwahad – Muqata’a

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