200 Shams invites Ashrar, Cairo based DJ/ producer with a strong connection to bass, who like to stay anonymous. This mix pays homage to the Middle Eastern artists that helped shape Ashrar’s sound.



Dance, Electronic

Assi- yaamine hamdan

Natfo- dijit (kinlaw remix)

Fruit soup- Ambi

Full moon in scorpio – Dj Plead, ahadadream

Bow- Zuli

U wont mind VIP- Gantz

Untitled- post drone

Exploit- 3phaz

Bilharf alwahad- muqata’a 

Blur- Postdrone

Dirasat ‘Ulya- muqata’a 140

Babylon fever dream- Ashrar

Anti marketing dub- Ashrar

Memory of a nostalgic feeling- saint abdullah

Zyadet naqs- muqata’a

Baby face VIP- Gantz

Salaam- post droneTL

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