Visceras also known as Iqbal Vs is a tunisi, Berlin based electronic music composer. Have a listen to this dj guest mix taking you from dub and ambient to techno and noisy hitters – delusional confusion mix.



Electronic, Dance

Vtgnike – The Healer

Oxhy – unreleased

Oxhy – Santoor

Viper – Aint No One Gayer Than U

Kinlaw – MG 1666 DD

Al Maqtu’a – المقطوعة


Big Klit – Big Klit Takes A Shit

Rozzma – Baby

Container – Nozzle

Jung An Tagen – Das Fest Der Reichen

Skander – Death by handgun

Playboi Carti – Neon

Net Gala – Kiki

Iqbal Vs – unreleased (gpol4e)

Haj300 – Varfor sa du inget

Playboi Carti & Travis Scott – Love Hurts

Freddie Dredd – xxxxxxxxxxx

Halflings – Some Young Guy

Swordsmith – unreleased

n&a&a – drool

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