Tune in to Sprælle’s monthly show for an hour of fresh discoveries, all-time favourites and his own unreleased tunes. Avant-pop, lush soundscapes, grainy vocal samples and edgy rhythms.



Electronic, Rap, Avant Garde

Malibu – Held

Croation Amor & Varg – Olimpia (ft. Alberto & Olimpia)

Spelling – Choke Cherry Horse

Black Noi$e – Glitch (ft.Duendita)

James Ferraro – Twilight Pretender ☩

Claire – Milk

Paris Texas – Nü

youtubecomgmcfosho – BAHDAH

RAMZi – balani

Oli XL – Hesitate (ft. Ecco2k)

Nazar – Tessalia

Howie Lee – 岛鸟 (Island Birdy)

Paris Texas – FORCE OF HABIT

Coby Sey – Vestry

Black Noi$e – The Chair

Mica Levi – Blue Shit

LA Timpa – Mamiwata

Sprælle – unreleased

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