08.07.21 Lisbon
SASHA THEFT is a nonbinary DJ and producer from Lisbon, taking a part at Kit Ket collective being your favorite dungeon theydy. A scientist at heart, Sasha is interested in the dissection of music through DJing and the wave mashing in producing; the end result, ironically, becomes always queered out science fiction of beautiful metal castles in the clouds coming crash down reflecting all the colors to be seen in a beautiful explosion. This mix is dedicated to my anxiety. A mash of tracks that one way or another allow me to relax through full sounds of hard punching beats and tranceful melodies. There's no specific dance narrative to it but rather the meditative state that dancing can make you experience. A very diverse but cohesive choice of tracks going through IDM, drum n' bass, pop, hardcore, techno and dancehall.