Drowned By Locals w/ Kinlaw & Adios Adios
12.11.21 Amman
Drowned By Locals presents two artists with forthcoming releases on DBL. Kinlaw and Adios Adios, with two bizarrely homogenous mixes. Kinlaw hails from the Bristolian underground. The same scene that, in recent years, has given the most vital contribution to the freshness and vitality of a fringe sound suspended between the many clashes, deconstructions and reconstructions of dub and UK club music. Kinlaw’s own music sounds both menacing and playful, weighing in with relentless slow beats and cranky lo-fi textures. “Cyborg/industrial/post-industrial trap” duo Kinlaw & Franco Franco’s latest album Mega Dopo Mega releases next week on Avon Terror Corps. Adios Adios is an audiovisual producer who experiments with different sonorities and forms: virtual instruments, guitars, vocals, drum machines, sampling. It is also a website dedicated to the sighting and exhaustive description of miraculous events. Examples: a broken lift, old devices returning to reclaim their place, a remote coincidence in the codes you received in an email last summer. The hysteria of a preacher who despairs at the gates of a Fast-Food restaurant, Coke-waste-rocks that leave the shore to return as a relic buried in wet sand.