Sometimes the only way you can understand a phenomenon is through its withdrawal, it’s complete absence, and then encountering its decontextualized remains. Truth about an object reveals itself by way of its very absence. But what truth would you grasp if you’ve been fed loss and absence and forced into being a witness of collective rituals of hysteria. This set is a soundscape of a traumatized witnessing body.



Industrial, Dark Ambient, Drum & Bass

Assembly — Roly Porter

Burial — Roly Porter

Inter — Suda

All Saints To — ILLYAN

Obsessed — Sam KDC

Left It In The Dark — Tom

Fatum — Torn,Roho

Ortum Ossa — Torn,Roho

Blurring The Line — Artilect

Death Seer — Dj Hidden

Paranoia — Renata

Forsaken Lore — Panic Scenery

COMT — S1AM (Unreleased)


Ba’a — Haidar

Squirt — ILLYAN

Come to Sit, Come to Refuse, Come to Surround — Pan Daijing

Rites Of Passage — Pact Infernal 

Path To Topeth — Pact Infernal

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